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Frequently asked questions


What is your current lead time? 

 Do you have samples on how the colors look? 

  • The first photo in our photo gallery shows color samples. If you do not see something you may be interested in please send us an email.  

What is a RMR cut? 

  • A RMR cut is a relief cut to allow the holster to clear most Red dots. A holster cut for a red dot will also work with a firearm that does not have a red dot as a red dot cut will not affect retention.  

Can a holster made for no RMR cut be later cut for a RMR? 

  • It depends on variables of the holster. Most holsters with double over hooks will be able to cut after the fact, but some with a fomi clip may or may not be. It depends on the style. You can send us a picture to Knightfallcustoms@gmail.com and we can take a look. 

What is a sweat shield? 

  • A sweat shield is the kydex that covers the slide between your body and the firearm. A high will cover most the slide. A low will be a little higher than the front of the holster and a medium will be in the middle of those two.

What is an appendix claw? 

  • An appendix claw is the raised attachment that is screwed on next to the trigger guard and is what makes an appendix holster conceal so well. It uses the leverage from your belt to tuck the butt of the gun in.  

What is FBI cant?

           FBI cant is a forward tilt at roughly 15 degrees. FBI cant is not designed to work with appendix holsters.

Will a holster with an RMR cut work with a firearm that does not have a red dot?

  • A RMR cut will not affect with retention of a holster that is cut for a red dot.  

What mag ride height do I select on the married appendix? 

  • The mag ride height will vary based on what you are looking for. We like the mag to sit flush with the slide. If you are using a 15-round mag and want a 17-round mag to sit flush with the slide then we would recommend selecting a low sit on the mag. 

What is a custom print? 

  • A custom print is an image or camo that is not a normal selection. Images are printed onto the lightest color of the image. You can not infuse a light color over a dark color.  We ask that before selecting a custom print, please send us a contact request or an email to Knightfallcustoms@gmail.com with the image so we can work together to see if we can make it work for the style of holster you are looking for. 

What do I do if I have a threaded barrel or raised sight? 

  • When selecting all your options there is a text option at the bottom that says any special notes. In that text box is where you would write if you have extended controls, threaded barrel or you need extra clearance for raised sights. Ifv you have a comp we ask that you contact us first so we can get the model of comp and make sure it will be compatible with the holster.  

Which way do the bullets face in a mag carrier? 

  • In all of our mag carriers the bullets will face forward to allow for a proper index reload.

Can you make a holster to accommodate a Safariland UBL/QLS? 

  • Yes, we can. Under the Teklok style holster, you can select the option “Drilled for Safariland...” We will sub the Teklok style blocking for Safariland blocking and get the holster ready for the end user to screw on the Safariland attachment of their choice.  

Which attachment do you prefer (Fomi clip vs Dual over hooks)? 

  • Each have their own benefits, but we strongly recommend dual over hooks over the fomi clip. They will hold the holster much more stable and they also allow adjustable ride height and adjustable cant. 

Will the 1.75in over hooks work with a 1.5in belt?

  • The over hooks we use are only made in 1.75in. As long as you have an actual carry belt, we guarantee you will not notice the difference 

What if I do not see my firearm listed? 

  • We are working on adding different guns to the list every day. Unlike other manufacturers, when we add a firearm to the list, it means we have the real gun and light to test fit the holster before it ships to make sure the holster is perfect. Feel free to send us an email requesting a certain set up and we can go from there. 

I have a “xxxxxx” light. Which light do I chose? 

  • We understand that a lot of lights have very similar names, especially the Olight. If you are unsure of which light to choose, please contact us before ordering and we will get you on the right path.  

I don’t see my light listed. Can you make something for “xxxxxxx” light? 

  • Depending on the light we may order the light to accommodate your specific set up. It largely depends on the light. If you don’t see your light and are interested in possibly getting something made, please send us an email. 

 Can we upgrade shipping? 

  • Our standard shipping is free and that covers USPS first class or Priority mail. If you need the holster to be shipped via a different method, please contact us and we can go from there.  

Why is my package taking so long? 

  • I wish we had a perfect answer for this.  Truth of the matter is that once USPS takes the package from us, there is nothing we can do to expedite or figure out why USPS is taking longer than it should.   

What is a Competition cut on the teklok style holster?

  • A comp cut refers to a larger sight channel opening that will allow the firearm to clear the holster quicker. This is strictly targeted for competition or range settings. We do not recommend a comp cut on EDC or wilderness carry. 

Can you make a holster with an attachment that is not listed? 

  • We can make a holster to accommodate most options on the market. Sometimes we may need the customer to send in the attachment so we can make a custom raised portion to allow the holster to accept it. Feel free to contact us.

Do you make a chest holster? 

  • We certainly do. If you are interested in one, please contact us and we will guide you through the order process.  

Do you make a married OWB (outside the waistband)? 

  • No, we do not unless there are special needs limited by physical movement.  

Do you make a single holster that works for both IWB and OWB?

  • No, we do not. Making a holster that will work for both types of carry are not ideal. Something needs to be sacrificed on each carry to make them work and the main 2 things are size and comfort. 

Can you modify a holster that is not from Knightfall Customs? 

  • Sorry, unfortunately not. Modifying another company's holster can void their warranty. We recommend you contact the holster manufacturer that made the holster. 

What is your warranty? 

  • We will warranty a holster with manufacturer defects.